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OH DEAR, I DIDN'T MEAN 'DRUNK'! I meant tired! I'm sixteen and have never drank alcohol in my life! Alright, maybe very small doses of whine or a slight amount of beer when my dad convinces me that it's alright to gradually like it, but I've never been drunk! I still love Muse as I said. I know very little about bands. I love bands like Nirvana, Green Day and BVB, but I have never loved any band like Muse. I didn't even know you could buy concert DVD until last night when I found Live at Rome.

Well that’s more than me. I’m almost 19 (on the 30th of this month to be exact *hint-hint*) and I still don’t drink haha. 

Oooh then you should buy HAARP if you haven’t checked it out yet! Muse at Wembley Stadium June 16th and 17th, 2007 :)

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I just found this from Wikipedia: 'AllMusic's Gregory Heaney wrote in his review of The 2nd Law about the electronic influences on "Follow Me" and the previous single, "Madness", saying that "their excursions into dubstep and dance music on tracks like "Madness" and "Follow Me" feel more like remixes than original songs."' I have to agree with this. I'm sorry, but I do. I used to like Madness, but overtime it just started to bug me. I started 'dancing' to Follow Me one time when I was drunk.

Well don’t apologize. Your opinion isn’t bad. And well, that’s his opinion too, bottom line. Just an opinion. Not denying the influences or the like, but I don’t think they’re remix-sounding.

Mine: I don’t think these songs or albums are terrible. I think they’re different, and that’s appreciated. I do miss some BH&R aspects, for example, but that doesn’t make me dismiss the creativity and the different musical styles and how Muse made them work. I love both those albums just as much as Absolution and the rest.

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'Follow Me' sound very dubstep to me. Bellamy was inspired by dubstep. It's certainly part dubstep. I think Matt said he was influenced partially by Skrillex. I cannot source this and am even unsure if I am correct. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy more than a few aspects of 'Resistance' and 'The 2nd Law'. How can I not? 'The 2nd Law' was partly influence by my all time favourite film composer, Hans Zimmer. I. An see this in a few, great songs.

Yeah clearly there are some influences, but it’s not 100% dub step to me. To me that genre is totally separate. Unsustainable live is closer to that than Follow Me.

And yeah Hans Zimmerman is great haha. Not a know it all when it comes to his music, but I do enjoy various soundtracks.

And idk if you are or aren’t but if you’re a different anon please say so haha

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(this is a different person) I actually loved T2L, but The Resistance was just awful. There are a few good points, like MK and exo but then there's I belong to you, god damn every time I hear it it makes me cringe uncontrollably. I mean seriously Iyrics like 'she attacks me like a Leo when my heart is split like rio' really?? God it's horrendous. When you're at a concert, they just don't give you the same buzz as songs like plug in baby or Stockholm or map. It's just not up to Muse standard

Well just because they don’t give you that buzz, doesnt mean theyre not good songs. There’s a reason they don’t play them live but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. And IMO there isn’t a Muse standard. Just your standard.

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'Madness' is just very modern and unoriginal. It makes me cringe like most new radio songs do. 'Follow Me' is dubstep. I can't stand dubstep. There's nothing to it, it's there to make your heart pound. I some of Resistance and The 2nd Law, but a lot of them don't appeal to me. I'm not just following the herd, as I love Undisclosed Desires, a song that most ?Muse fans dislike.

So what if it’s modern? Doesn’t mean it’s unoriginal. I think they were actually very creative in the way they went about it. And okay, Follow Me is not dub step hahaha. So maybe check yourself there. And okay, following the herd? You’re not doing so by liking Undisclosed? Special, much?

And sure you can be a fan without liking everything they put out. You’re still a fan sure, but I think you should also be more open to other aspects of the band’s creative explorations. You like their old stuff so much, go listen it.

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